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Pipeline Construction for Energy and Petrochemical Industry

The Company’s pipeline system construction business unit mainly focuses on natural gas transmission pipeline construction for companies in energy and petrochemical industries owing to the Company’s specialization in energy and petrochemical sector. In the past, the Company mainly constructed the natural gas distribution pipeline system and entered into the business of the cross-country natural gas pipeline project, which was a large scale project, (in 2005, the Wangnoi-Kaengkhoi Natural Gas Pipeline Project was the first project that the Company undertook for the cross-country natural gas pipeline project through the CPP-TRC Joint Venture, the cooperation between China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau and the Company). Until now, the Company itself can enter into bidding for large scale project of natural gas pipeline. In addition, the Company has been specialized in other pipeline system projects such as pipeline system project for petrochemical raw materials, water pipeline project and oil pipeline.

Construction Scope

EPC Turnkey Basis Capability for all types of distribution pipeline sysrems including oil, gas, water etc.
Civil Construction
Piping Fabrication
Equipment Istallation

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