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Message from Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mrs. Paichit Rattananon

Chairman of the Board of Directors

In 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic was still continually widespread and has severely and constantly impacted on world and domestic economy since 2020 including to construction industry that was consequently affected by the government’s preventive measures to manage the new wave of Covid-19 pandemic.In July 2021, the order of the temporary closure of a construction workers camps announced and caused the suspension of the Company’s construction sites. Then, although the order of the closure of workers camp was released and allowed to start the construction, the Company has to mobilize manpower ad resources to catch up the progress as schedule plan, affecting the operation cost was eventually higher. The Company realized the circumstances and improvised our operation procedure according to the situation and managed project cost to be in line with the plan including to prepare the preventive measures to mitigate and lessen the possible impacts of the pandemic such as Work from Home, Bubble & Seal. And reminded our employees to adapt to the New Normal, following the Company and the government’s measures both during work hours and daily life as well as the encouragement of Covid-19 vaccination in employees and workers.

The Company determined to operate business with transparency and integrity according to the good cooperate governance principle and strictly comply with relevant laws and regulations. As a result, the Company received “excellent” rating on the assessment of good corporate governance for the year 2021 from Thai Institute Of Directors for 5 consecutive years.

With realization of the importance of doing business with sustainability. In 2021, the Company imposed framework to make sustainability, covering in economy, society and environment aspects under the good corporate governance principle, to determine strategies and policies for our business operation. The Company continually promoted social and environment activities. For instance, the Hometown project that has been conducted since 2013 to develop our employee’s hometown community, the project of improvement of patient’s quality of life at Srithanya hospital by building of job and career for the patients, having income, moral support and realizing their self-esteem as well as the social assistance project during the Covid-19 pandemic where the Company prepared happiness-sharing boxes containing food and water for community nearby. We also emphasized to reduce the environmental impact by the efficient consumption of energy and resources to make the most benefits and focused on the operational management to make the least impacts on community as well as prioritizing the working safety of employee and related in construction projects and surrounding community.

Finally, on behalf of the board of directors, we would like to express our gratitude to our shareholders and stakeholders that have always given your trust and support. And thank all directors, executives and employees that has put together your best effort and spirit during difficult time in past year. The Company aimed to achieve our vision, policy and mission to ensure the Company’s stability and sustainable growth.