Who We Are

Corporate Profile

Incorporated since 20 November 1998 to provide services in connection with engineering design, the supply of industrial machinery and equipment, and total-solution construction, TRC Construction Public Company Limited has in-depth expertise and experience in the construction of natural gas transmission pipelines and petrochemical plants, civil work and public utilities system. The Company’s clients are mainly the conglomerates in the energy and petrochemical industry. Since its inception, the Company has not only focused its efforts on growing business but also engrossed in expanding the capital base. After becoming a listed company on MAI (Market for Alternative Investment) market on 22 December 2005, the Company has successfully managed to move from MAI to the main board of SET on 23 April 2013 under Property Development sector, Property & Construction group. On 2 January 2014, SET relocated the Company’s securities from Property Development to Construction Services sector.

TRC Construction is focused in four main business areas:

Pipeline Construction for Energy and Petrochemical Industry


Process Plant Construction and Mechanical Installation for Energy and Petrochemical Industry


Project Development and Investment


Civil and Infrastructure Construction


TRC bids on large-scale multidisciplinary contracts, either independently or in a consortium, both in Thailand and abroad providing the following scopes:

Engineering Design
Construction Management
Project Development and Investment

TRC’s competent and professional operation personnel enables us to provide service excellence to customers who have trusted TRC for years, consequently strengthening the company’s business performance. TRC’s guiding principle is its passion for quality of work. The company’s high standards, successful completion of works and on-time delivery has enabled to satisfy customers by meeting their specifications and requirements. This, along with TRC’s adherence to the principles of good corporate governance has given the company a decisive competitive edge over competition and put it in the forefront of the Thai construction industry. TRC has been a listed company on the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) since December 22, 2005.

TRC Group Structure as at December 1, 2021