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TRC-SKW celebrated Mother's Day 2017

On August 2-7, 2017.TRC construction PLC (TRC) and Sahakarn Wisavakorn (SKW) celebrated Mother’s day 2017 by distributing of jasmine for mom from the National Council on Social welfare of Thailand (NCSWT) to employees. Total incomes from sale of Jasmine that will be contribute to the social welfare fund to help those people who were suffering. NCSWT will provide scholarships to children and youth who are poor and insufficient as well.

Moreover, TRC-SKW organized special activity called “Dear Mom,” The Company has prepared postcards for employees for writing love messages to their mothers.  And they can attach the jasmine which bought from NCSWT. Then the company sent packages to their mothers by mail for Free. The Company aimed that “Dear Mom,” activity could help employees conveyed their pure love feeling to theirs mothers and encouraged love and deep connection in family too