Corporate Social Responsibility

TRC-SKW 2nd time of 2017 donating blood to Rajavithi Hospital

On Thursday, September 14, 2017, TRC Construction Public Company Limited (TRC) and Sahakarn Wisavakorn  (SKW) held a blood donation activity at the headquarters building TRC Construction Public Company Limited . This activity was participated by the management, staff (the Company’s staff and affiliated companies’ staff), including local residents who live in the vicinity of the company donated blood to Rajavithi Hospital. This donation was a 2nd time in 2016, with a total of 50 units of blood bags, representing 21,400 milliliters. There were a total of 52 persons expressing their intention to donate blood, but 2 persons were ineligible. TRC and SKW would like to thank you everyone for the cooperation. The company looks forward to seeing the cooperation from everyone again in next blood donation on February 22, 2561