Corporate Governance

The Company Secretary

Miss Ounruen Sujarittham

The Board of Directors has appointed Miss Ounruen Sujarittham as the Company Secretary since 8 November 2007.

Appointment Date :

8 September 2004

Shareholding in TRC as at 31 December 2017 :


Family Relationship among Executives : 


Education : 

Master of Business Administration-Finance, National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA)
Bachelor of Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University

Training :

  • Thai Institute of Director Association:
    • Director Accreditation Program class 113/2014
    • Company Secretary Program (CSP) class 11/2005
  • Thai Listed Companies Association: Corporate Secretary Development Program class 15/2007

Working Experience in the last 5 years : TRC Construction Public Company Limited

2013 - present : Senior Finance and Investor Relations Manager

2007 - present : Company Secretary

2004 - 2013 : Corporate Finance Manager

Position in other listed companies : 


Position in other non-listed companies : 

2016 - present : Independent Director and Audit Committee
UAC Advance Polymer and Chemicals Company Limited

2015 - present : Company Secretary
ASEAN Potash Chaiyaphum Public Company Limited

2013 - present : Independent Director and Audit Committee
Thai Packaging Industry Public Company Limited

Duties and Responsibilities :

  1. Prepare and file documents related to
    • Director Registration
    • Notice of the Board of Directors Meeting including committees for which she acts as secretary to those committees; Remuneration and Nomination Committee and Corporate Governance Committee
    • Minutes of Meetings of the Board of Directors and those committees’ meetings
    • Notice and Minutes of Shareholder Meetings
  2. Keep record of conflict of interest report and independent certification letters of directors and executives and propose copies to Chairman of the Boards and Chairman of the Audit Committee within 7 days after receipt of such reports.
  3. Handle any actions required as per the regulation of the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission and as assigned by the Company such as
    • Giver advice related to relevant laws and regulations including the code of conduct of corporate governance practice so that any activities of the Board of Directors are undertaken in compliance with those relevant laws.
    • Handle the Board of Directors Meetings, Remuneration and Nomination Committee Meetings and Corporate Governance Committee Meetings
    • Act as contact person for completed information disclosure as required by relevant laws to the Securities and Exchange Commission and Stock Exchange of Thailand
    • Carry out any tasks as assigned by the Company