Policy on QSSHE

Policy on QSSHE

TRC Construction Public Company Limited and Sahakarn Wisavakorn Company Limited are contractors whose works engage with Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPCC) for construction of gas and oil pipelines, petrochemical plants and infrastructures. We are committed to operate and manage our business under the following obligations.

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1. To perform in compliance with relevant laws of safety, occupational health and environment as well as other relevant requirements.

2. To timely deliver high quality of work by managing all work processes of supply chain to achieve highest quality and satisfaction of clients.

3. To prevent accident which may cause hazards to operational staffs and indirect stakeholders or any of potential losses including body, life and assets by encouragement and motivation for internal and external execution to create clean, convenient and safe working environment as well as emphasizing on control and punishment to strictly comply with regulation on safety, occupational health and environment of organization.

4. To prevent or minimize potential impacts on environment and community, associated with project activities of company for all processes of Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPCC).

5. To regulate all departments of organization to execute activities in compliance with policy on quality, safety, occupational health and environment as specified by organization and consider as a criterion for individual KPI.

6. To comply with core values, corporate culture, a corporate governance, ethical standards and code of business ethics handbook as well as improvement to enhance performance for sustainable outcome.

This policy shall be applied to all departments from top managements to operational staffs. Especially, the management at all levels must be a role model to execute, support, encourage, monitor and review the operating performance as well as continuously improve the working procedure to achieve the vision and mission of organization.